Feminists: Dumber than Advertised

An interesting note on the Norway shooting
Read this one. It’s cool I’ll wait.

Notice that she blames the father. Not surprising coming from the MSM. However, she blames him for not being a part of  Anders Breivik’s life. For not being a Dad.  Therefore she is unintentionally pointing out the need for a Father in the life of a child. She is of course a  moron and hasn’t realized that by absolving the mother of any wrongs she raises the inherent value of a man in the life of a young boy. For anyone with a few spare brain cells this is common sense. For others…

Logic: for some people its like a foreign country one has no desire to visit.


Easier Than I Thought

I was planning on doing some sort of epic first post that espoused my views and would lay out why I thought humanity was, in general, dumber than a bag of hammers (and far less useful).

Then I discovered this.

Are you shitting me? Fine. Makes my job easier. Europe is on the verge of being thoroughly screwed, and the US ain’t far behind.

Me:1  Idiots:0