Busy During the Holidays? Nonsense!

   As it turns out, starting a blog right before a large uptick in work, holidays, Nanowrimo and a chunk of one’s family decide absolute chaos is a desirable state; not a plan destined for great ROI.

In the intervening months things have gotten interesting. (Never really a good sign.)

1) Straw polls indicate that most people will vote to further their own enslavement. Therefore, if the bi-factional bank party wins 2012 we have no need to feel pity most of the country.

2)SOPA/PIPA is off the table for now. And yet I am still suspicious.

3)Europe continues to show us what good government looks like. By demonstrating the opposite, much in the same way a tortoise is associated with speed. They appear unable to fathom why more government control of the economy and more immigrants from fonts of peace and tolerance, such as the Middle East and Somalia, don’t fix things.

4) Several churches are giving heresy that old college try. More later.

At least I shan’t be bored.