Actual Danger vs. Percieved Danger

  Danger ,or at least its potential, is a powerful tool for men. However, I notice that it is really what the woman perceives as dangerous that counts.

  Rock climbing, for example, usually involves a pair of people. One climbing the other on belay, strapped up with ropes and a harness. You are hooked to the side of a rock (climbing wall if you’re in a gym) and can’t fall more than a trivial distance. It takes a bit of work and actively ignoring basic safety to be in real danger.

  Painting the side of your house involves leaning a ladder against a wall and climbing up to stand on the top. Very easy to lean out just a little more… almost got it… *creeaak*…OHFUCKME! Now you’re in a sexy, sexy full body cast.

  So, painting is going to be a riskier activity, therefore it should push the ‘sexy danger’ button in a woman’s head, right? No, of course not. The rock climber hits that button    ( yeah he does ) far beyond a painter. You will notice a lack of house painters in, say, calenders aimed at women. Plenty of firemen, some cops and what have you, but no painters. Speaking of cops, GUNS! Modern firearms are pretty damn safe. At least as far as a device that fires slugs of lead into a human body can be safe. Yet!, as long as you follow the basic safety rules* you can have fun without being in any great danger.

  Again, whether it truly is dangerous or not is meaningless. It must have that aura of danger, that sense of potential for harm.

* 1) All guns are loaded. Always.
   2) Never point at anything you are not willing to destroy.
   3) Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
   4) Know your target and what is beyond it.