A Short Explanation on the Government Love of Inflation

1. The government is in debt. I mean, damn are they in the red.

2. They pay in fiat money, i.e. dollars.


This is all you need to know to see why we have rampant inflation. It’s not all there is, but it does lend to understanding why some things happen.

Lets say Uncle Sam owes you $100.  For the sake of simplicity we will say that the money is equal to 100 grams of gold. Unfortunately the government can’t quite pay you back. No Problem! More money can be printed! You get paid for services rendered and the government is no longer in debt to you.

However, that $100 dollars is now worth 86 grams of gold. With this system the government is paying less money. In essence it gets $100 dollars of X for $86 bucks. It gets worse (we are talking about the State after all) because all money is devalued. The $100 you had in the bank is also worth $86 now.You have been robbed of money that never left the bank. Well except for fractional reserve banking, but that is a whole different kettle of fish.

Wasn’t that a fun little lesson!


Confidence in One Easy Step*

This may seem odd coming from a Christian, but it has worked well for me.


If someone makes you nervous or you feel overly submissive in their presence a quick mental image can calm things down. Remember, mind and body have a very close connection. Emotional states leak out in the form of body language. One tactic is to alter your body language. However, if you are not prepared or not used to it, there will be backsliding. It takes more will power than most people have to keep it up and squash the beta self.  Therefore, we must cut down this inner craven before he can take hold. When you are about get a case of the nerves around a pretty girl, picture her on your bed and extremely satisfied.  For anyone else, they sprawl under you, bloody and broken. Your foot planted firmly between their shoulder blades. Two simple mental images, a fraction of a second to imagine and its done. Hard to be nervous around a chick you’ve already conquered or someone you have beaten into submission.

Note: This is not an instant cure. You may have trouble picturing yourself hurting a fellow human or deflowering your perfect angel. These are both symptoms of betaness. Cut it from you like the cancer it is. Your fellow humans are mostly bastards or a few points above functional retardation and your princess is a woman with all the flaws and shortcomings of her gender.


*Easy is a relative term.


Bureaucracy Does it Again

Yet another piece of evidence for getting rid of government entirely. Old Yeller is apparently their favorite movie judging by this.


Is there any doubt that a private security corporation would have this handled in days? When you have no accountability to the free market Rin TinTin dies! The one thing that might be a legit part of government duties and they bugger that. I would be baffled at anyone accepting the government as being capable of competence in any venture, except I have seen just how idiotic some people are.

To Seig and Heil

The NYPD has been keeping tabs on certain neighborhoods. In an SS kinda way. Sometimes in New Jersey.


I consider this more a symptom of the flawed concept of police departments, rather than simply an indication of some form of racism. When you have a protection service (actually they aren’t obligated to protect) that is in fact a forcibly funded monopoly this is unsurprising. They will always tend towards less service for more money.  Bloomberg, being a total statist will naturally defend it until it becomes better to find a scapegoat. He is after all a politician.

Wear Something Black and Lacey

A few days ago I stumbled on this little gem. It cracked me up. Then I got to thinking and realized just how useful it could be. It would work as is, but I would probably change it up a little…

You Will Be Seduced on________ At_____.

Wear clothing suitable for a seduction.

The notion of refusal should never even come up. Confidence is good. Irrational confidence is better.

Wisconsin Has At Least 1 Acceptable Politician

A new Wisconsin Senate Bill, SB507, is making waves. If this passes, and it probably won’t, this would be one of the first big push backs against the divorce industry. It might actually make frivolous divorces tougher to get. Anything that slows down the destruction of the building block of civilization*.

Check The Château for some good commentary. Check here for the usual banalities of the mid-witted.

I note that the Shine article has a quote from one Ed Kuharski: “Senator Grotham has no experience parenting.”  One does not require personal experience in parenting to be aware that the traditional family is the most well suited model for a stable society. I have no experience being under a brutal and murderous dictatorship, and yet I can say with confidence that it is not what I want.

Anyone with the brains to browse the history of the last 100 years should at least have an inkling of the steady rate of societal decay we now see and it’s correlation to a collapsing nuclear family.

*It’s families. Did you really need to look down here for that?

The Paris Declaration

It is vitally important to understand who signed the the Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law and why. It was first signed and ratified by  The United Kingdom, Austria-Hungary, France, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia and the Ottoman Empire. What is the first thing we can note about these places. Most of them were fairly powerful. What they were doing was creating a system that gave them the benefits while attempting to remove the advantage of smaller weaker countries from using the outrageously successful privateers.

Thomas Jefferson noted in 1812 that:

every possible encouragement should be given to privateering in time of war with a commercial nation…our national ships are too few in number…to retaliate the acts of the enemy…by licensing private armed vessels, the whole naval force of the nation is truly brought to bear on the foe.”

   According to wikipedia (I know…) American privateers took about 600 British vessels during the war. At the time America had no real navy to speak of. They did however have lots of people interested in becoming free and making a profit at the same time. Now similar events occured during the war of 1812. Does anyone really think the  politicians had forgotten this when signing a document outlawing privateers?

   Remember, a government does not like competition. It tends to show off how much better someone else is at doing their jobs.