The Paradox of Liberty

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.-John Adams

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.-Also John Adams

   I chose these two quotes from Adams to make a very particular point. The Constitution and the government it set up was designed for a very particular type of people. It was not meant to be usable by a wide swath of political and socio-political ideologies. It cannot fit everyone from the Statists and Socialists to the Anarcho-Libertarians. And so we have our paradox.

   Liberty cannot exist when those who despise and curse its very existence are given any sort of political power.  Ideologies such as Communism, Socialism and their ilk are directly opposed and anathema to the idea of individual freedom.Therefore, it is suicide for a government to grant power to those who would destroy it as it originally was. For a government to be maintainable, no one with beliefs or ideologies that would see stamped out the stated goals of  said government, can be allowed to hold any sort of political power.

  • A state set up to advance military power cannot allow the interference of anti-military pacifists.
  • A state set up to advance a particular religion must bar other religions, including atheism.
  • A state set up to have much control of the citizenry must crush as many freedoms as possible.
  • A state that was created to maintain freedom and liberty must not give ground to those who desire less freedom.

And yet… we have done just that. We give a vote or political office to those who would see that very system done away with or changed. Safer to let the pimps and whore mongers consort with virgins. Safer to let the pedophiles into schools.*  For more than a century almost every political action taken has been little more than spitting in the faces of the Founders. They laid quite a few curses down on those who would lose what so much blood was shed to gain. Although, it was not so much lost as it was thrown away in disdain. ‘We know better than those old men. We can do so much more.’

There is, I believe, no issue with freedom of speech. Let those who spit and hiss at liberty have their say. Let them run their papers and websites and television and radio stations. Let them have their forum. Keep them out of government. Do not let them near the God given rights of the people. We have plenty of places where these anti-liberty ideas have been tried and failed as an adequate example as to their efficacy, or lack thereof. Let those who love them go to them and live them first hand. Let those who desire freedom enjoy its benefits.

As Jefferson said: “I weep for my country when I remember that God is just.”


*Of course, the public schools are already doing this.


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