Wisconsin Has At Least 1 Acceptable Politician

A new Wisconsin Senate Bill, SB507, is making waves. If this passes, and it probably won’t, this would be one of the first big push backs against the divorce industry. It might actually make frivolous divorces tougher to get. Anything that slows down the destruction of the building block of civilization*.

Check The Château for some good commentary. Check here for the usual banalities of the mid-witted.

I note that the Shine article has a quote from one Ed Kuharski: “Senator Grotham has no experience parenting.”  One does not require personal experience in parenting to be aware that the traditional family is the most well suited model for a stable society. I have no experience being under a brutal and murderous dictatorship, and yet I can say with confidence that it is not what I want.

Anyone with the brains to browse the history of the last 100 years should at least have an inkling of the steady rate of societal decay we now see and it’s correlation to a collapsing nuclear family.

*It’s families. Did you really need to look down here for that?


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