Confidence in One Easy Step*

This may seem odd coming from a Christian, but it has worked well for me.


If someone makes you nervous or you feel overly submissive in their presence a quick mental image can calm things down. Remember, mind and body have a very close connection. Emotional states leak out in the form of body language. One tactic is to alter your body language. However, if you are not prepared or not used to it, there will be backsliding. It takes more will power than most people have to keep it up and squash the beta self.  Therefore, we must cut down this inner craven before he can take hold. When you are about get a case of the nerves around a pretty girl, picture her on your bed and extremely satisfied.  For anyone else, they sprawl under you, bloody and broken. Your foot planted firmly between their shoulder blades. Two simple mental images, a fraction of a second to imagine and its done. Hard to be nervous around a chick you’ve already conquered or someone you have beaten into submission.

Note: This is not an instant cure. You may have trouble picturing yourself hurting a fellow human or deflowering your perfect angel. These are both symptoms of betaness. Cut it from you like the cancer it is. Your fellow humans are mostly bastards or a few points above functional retardation and your princess is a woman with all the flaws and shortcomings of her gender.


*Easy is a relative term.



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