Chick Porn

Apparently since the book Fifty Shades of Grey came out there has been some sort of logorrea by feminists to basically say: ‘Just fiction! We are still strong and confident and don’t need or want men! Fantasy is fantasy!’ The book is just another submission fantasy in a whole forest of them. For some reason it garnered a lot of attention but I have seen nothing to truly set it apart from the herd.

I would like to point out the sort of porn (make no mistake, romance novels are porn for women) that men indulge in. It usually involves younger women in good physical shape with long hair. Anyone care to make the the argument that ‘young and attractive’ is somehow not what the majority of men are sexually interested in? Certainly there are outliers, but the notion that all sexual fantasies can be dismissed is illogical on its face. Of course, I am dealing with feminists so…

There is a reason the concept of game is spreading across the internet, particularly the manosphere. Guys are going into the world and letting women experience what made them weak kneed and red faced when they read it in a book. To put it succinctly, they are being dominated and can’t get enough of it. Hypergamy is not erased by legislation and women still desire a strong alpha male to supply them with suitable offspring. However, more and more women have become higher status and reduced the pool of higher status men which leaves chick porn to fill the gap. Chick porn and the men who are prepared to use the current situation to their advantage.

There is one simple thought to keep in mind. Observe actions, not words. Women say they are strong and confident and want a nice, funny guy. What they do, on the other hand, is buy ‘romance novels’ and turn squishy and pliable in the hands of a dominant fellow.