Nuclear Attacks May Cause Unintended Damage

This post touching on harsh rejections over at Dalrock’s place gave me some food for thought.

I believe that most people are at least familiar with the concept of nuclear rejections and quite a few people may have seen them or experienced them personally. Women, being normally fueled by emotions, rather than sound thinking, must be largely unaware of the repercussions of this sort of action. Knowing, as I do, that a large part of the female population has only a vague concept of  long-term vs. short-term it is not terribly surprising.

Look at it like a business. You don’t bad mouth about one customer to another. You never know who knows who or how people might be connected to each other. I can think of three clans (multiple generations with at least three nuclear families apiece) that are interconnected through friendship, business and marriage. If I had talked shit about one of these individuals to another I would be responsible for a loss of twelve clients. Moving on…

Ladies, I would like you to use this as a template and move it to the SMP. If you tear a guy a new one when he awkwardly tries to make small talk or attempts to ask you out, it may have unforeseen reverberations in your life. That one guy who can hold a room and has every attractive trait you ever wanted? It turns out a buddy of his was on the receiving end of one of your little tirades. Word reached Mr. Beefcake. He no longer wishes to do business with you.

On the other hand, he seems to be giving serious consideration to doing business with the lovely young lady that has a grasp on the concept of manners, human decency and social graces. And doesn’t verbally rape his friends for the crime of speaking to her sainted self. Whoa! She even brought him a beer! Man you cannot catch a break today can you, Snowflake?

The point of all this is simple, learn some manners and apply them to your life. It is truly amazing how many guys prefer the feminine and well-mannered young lady over strong and independent. Think June Cleaver, not G.I.Jane