Liberal Socialism Kills: Part 2

Last post I looked at violence from both sides of the equation. Today we look at an entirely new formula. Government banning guns. It will be both shorter but, I think, make an even better case against the idiocy of disarming the law abiding.

Gun Established:                                        Massacre Happens:                            Casualties(roughly):

Soviet Union 1929                                     1929-1953                                             20 mil

China 1935                                                    1948-1952                                             20 mil

Germany 1938                                             1935-1945                                             13 mil

Cambodia 1956                                           1975-1977                                             1 mil


I could name more, but this will suffice. Note, each of the four examples above is a case of democide. Governments annihilating their own populace. I can’t say it any simpler than this. The ability to defend yourself from a random thug barely qualifies as a fringe benefit compared to defense against your own government’s tendencies towards the mass extermination of the people.


One thought on “Liberal Socialism Kills: Part 2

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