Delicious, Delicious Schadenfreude

I find this Hi-larious.

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The NRA Has Lost It’s Freaking Mind

The NRA has apparently gone insane. I’m not sure if this is just basic stupidity or a crippling inability to listen to what you say, but damn.

First up is blaming¬† a ‘culture of violence‘ via the media, music, and video games. Now, I do think that plastering Lanza and what he did all over the TV and web is going to push other nutters to try to one up him. However, if you view a body count as some sort of high score to be topped you have problems at the get go.

The main problem is the simple fact that the NRA is acting exactly like emotion driven liberals. ‘We, the NRA agree with gun control proponents that inanimate objects are the cause of violence. We simply are at odds as to what the specific object or objects happens to be.’¬†

I enjoy action (read:violent) movies. I play violent video games and by this point have personally killed more Nazi soldiers than the entire Allied war machine. Blaming stuff I like is probably not the way to get my support any more than these fruits are going to convince me why I shouldn’t have a right to life. And yet… that wasn’t as bad as number two: Armed guards at public schools. Anyone remember the TSA? Bang up job right there, huh? Do we have any takers on how well TSA: Elementary Edition would do? I sort of like the idea of armed teachers. They stay in the damn classroom. Even guards would take a minute or two to get on the scene. (For those question how a psycho gets past the guards in the first place, remember: If someone wants to do something badly enough, they will.) Back to the packing teachers: Give them CCW classes. If they don’t pass or refuse to take them? FIRED! The background check might also weed out the pedophiles.

Of course the simplest and most beneficial course is to simply shutdown, sell, and or privatize the schools. Public schools are practically magnets for this shit. Meanwhile home schooled kids are safer by simple virtue of not being corralled in a handy shooting gallery. Plus the ever present threat of parents not taking kindly to a home intruder.


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. And a Happy New Year.